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         Available frames: Camouflage, Crystal Clear, Crystal Black and Gun Metal.



Available frames: White, Amber and Black. Grey and Brown Polarized lenses, and clear .


Available frames: Clear, Black, Gun Metal and Amber.


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Armadillo Bi-Focal Magnifiers

    Sexton Eyewear has moved.
Please make note of our new address and contact numbers

6915 15th Street East
Unit 210
Sarasota, FL  34243

Office: 941-900-1507
Fax:     941-900-1508

                    Sexton is where Performance and Style meet Safety Eyewear.

Established in 1995, Sexton Eyewear, Inc. was created to offer consumers affordable eyewear with a flair.  Sexton has responded to the demands of the safety eyewear market by designing and producing a variety of models to fit the consumers ever changing needs.  All eyewear products incorporates safety first, performance and style.

Our success can be attributed to our ability to integrate practical features with appealing style and innovative design.  We also pride ourselves by offering the consumer high quality products, competitive pricing along with fast, dependable and courteous service.  Sexton has a range of safety eyewear for your eye and face protection needs from traditional to the latest in new styles.

Our manufacturing and distribution processes feature the latest technology allowing us to provide excellent quality in frames, lenses and customer service.  All Sexton products meet or exceed the
ANSI Z87.1 2010 Standards where applicable.